Feel like sharing some thoughts in my mind now...

Sometimes I get feedback from friends who say that, 'I don't understand Mandarin but if I do I'll surely buy your album.' Honestly, I don't really buy it. Firstly, 'what? you mean we're friends?' And most importantly, to me, music is an international language, if you don't get it that means you just don get what music is. Simple.


So next time, don't say that to anyone. Maybe you should say, 'I'm sorry, I don't appreciate music.'



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  • Hey, Jeanie. I wanna share some thoughts with u,too.
    To me, music is one of languages and languages are some ways to transmit the meaning of music. However, if u wanna understand what music or language is saying, it always depends on your heart. No matter what you heard, the heart will explain it.
    Follow your heart, and sing with your soul.
    加油!! Jeanie
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